Welcome to the Nestie Paint Bio!  
This site is always under construction, so submit your photos and check back often!
To submit your own photos, email thepaintbio@gmail.com with the following info:
  1. Your nest name.
  2. The color family the paint belongs to (grays, greens, etc).
  3. The paint name and manufacturer.
  4. A link to a photo of the paint.  Please don't send actual photos as attachments. 

Apologies, but googlesites can't "read" photos from Snapfish.

Additional Color Resources:
- Favorite Paint Colors Blog - lots more color ideas.
- Check out this blog post to see design bloggers' favorite colors.
- Like a color from one paint manufacturer and want to know what its closest match is in another manufacturer's line?  Check out http://www.colorcharts.org/cc/