Understanding Local Moving Estimates

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Understanding local move quotes and moving estimates estimates

Understanding pricing is a must when it comes to moving. The pricing will vary depending on which locations you start and finish. The move type is another factor.

Local Moves are usually less than 50 miles between homes or a Self-Move which may, or may not, go state to another state like a Storage Pod or Rental Truck - with the packing, loading or unloading, since there isn’t any transportation. The movers normally price by the hour or a flat rate based on the job, either loading or unloading the particular size equipment like a 16 foot Pod or 26 foot rental truck, this is called a Binding Estimate moving quote. The flat rate move quote can change if you add additional packing or labor services. Make sure you understand the move pricing and if your move estimator or moving salesperson says a service is included, there shouldn’t be any problem saying so in the official mover’s estimate. If your move quote is incomplete there may be a reason. The hourly moves may not be the cheapest, the quote is usually low but the problems are either the crew is rough with the furniture because they are trying to get it done fast and in the specified time or the final charges can be much higher because of the required time for furniture preparation, rain or othe uncontrolled circumstances.
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