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SALVEthis is the "MY. site!" (last updated on January 24, 2007)

Using everything I can and want... I have created the MY.PAGE where I am free to do what ever I want... When ever I want... Where ever I want... This site was made to create an avenue for me to share my inner, most personal thoughts on life... academically related and school inclined work. This is what I have come up with... this is ME... "hope u enjoi it ebuhrybody"

I am Nico Concepcion... I am sixteen years old and now finishing MY.junior year in PAREFSouthridge. It's a great place with plenty of great people. In fact, all of my friends are there! (*Duh*) I love the web... In fact, I plan on doing something web related for the rest of my life, but right now, I don't really know what I want to become... Probably a web designer of some sort... or some one who does fancy things with the computer... Ha ha ha... Maybe if I were a bit younger... and if I lived in France... or in Korea... Id probably become a professional gamer. (But it kinda sucks since you have to retire at exactly 25 years of age... I don't really understand why though... I guess it has something to do with your deterioration of reflexes and reflex skills as the years pass by...)

I love the "board sports." No... these are not the games like "Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly" (*educated laugh: ha ha ha*)... I love Wake Boarding, Surf Boarding and Skim Boarding... but the sport (If you can even call them that >.<) that I love best is... (*drum roll*)... Skate Boarding! Yep! Cruising the streets at an insane speed with just a piece of wood solidly placed under your feet is my kind of thing. I try to nollie and manual (*skate tricks*) around the area with out falling. (*ha ha ha... like that's going to happen*) Yeah... It's a rough hobby especially when you are a NOOB (beginner) at it. I just started almost 8 months ago... and still am casually skating up to now... "Well... falling is one thing... (heck, I don't think skateboarding is the only sport which involves it)... Really... It's the getting up part... that's important.

Well, aside from skating and tripping on the web, I love listening to music. I love music. It resembles the oh so deep poetry of Catullus and Horace... in a modern point of view. I love how it just brings out all the deepest and most heartfelt emotions out of you. Plus music caters to everybody! In my case I love punk, punk rock, old school rock, emotional punk and any other kind of indie genre... aside from that... I also groove to the beach sounds of Kaskade and the club beats of Paul Van Dyke. My love for music is vague... really. I love all kinds of music... so long as it's got Heart and it communicates to the soul.

Nothing beats poetry though. Although I never really read or write poetry... (aside from the Latin ones in my Catullus and Horace pages...) I never really look for them... But surprisingly... the image of the poems hit me harder than any other rock band or disk jockey... Guess that about sums up everything about me. If you want to know my contact details: phone number, yahoo id's, etc. Just hit the "ABOUT ME" link right on top of this page.

This site was created... to store everything and anything about me...

It contains stuff I like about the web... stuff I need to make in the web to better elevate my "LATIN SKILLS"... and lots more. It even serves as a "testing the waters practice" for my soon to be career path. This is my second website... (I had to change the MICRO.PUBLISHER. one because it was too LAG-y)... wish me luck on this project

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