About the game

The Outsiders is a larp/freeform for 12–15 players that had its first run at Consequences G, 22nd November 2013.

In it, we wanted to use some of the conventions and techniques of Nordic larp to deepen and intensify players' emotional experiences of the game.

Because the authors are British and Irish, and the players were a mix of British, Dutch, American and Danish, this is not an 'officially' Nordic game. But we hope that gamers from that tradition will recognize it as drawing upon their work and contextualizing it for a different gaming culture.

We are publishing here the entirety of the game, because we would like other people to be able to use The Outsiders: either as it stands, or as inspiration for something similar that works in their own context.

If you do find it useful, or if you have any thoughts or comments about what we've presented here, please do get in touch – it'd be lovely to hear from you!

Mo Holkar & Cat Tobin
November 2013