These tutorials were created entirely by "ReverseEffect".  I just put together a website to make it easier to follow the tutorial and build the app at the same time.  As soon as I'm done adding all the tutorial information, I will go back through and add screenshots along the way to help visualize this a little more.

About Theos Tutorials
"These tutorials were written in the hope that they will be helpful to others for legitimate purposes.  Yes, I do realize that there is another programming tutorials app, but his app was designed for Interface Builder, and interface builder was never used for my samples or even this app (which means my coding is done programmatically) as I myself do not own a Mac (again, this app was designed for non-Mac owners, although Mac owners can still use my tutorials to programmatically design iOS applications).  

As for the ones that plan to develop apps with Theos but have no experience developing in Objective C2.0  or do not own a Mac to develop an interface, then you're part of this apps purpose!  However, I was in that same position before developing for the iPhoneOS platform.  So if this app is of any use to you, then a simple "thank you" would be nice, as it took quite a bit of my time to put this together (email in the preface).  Also, you can send suggestions and report bugs to my email."