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George Adamski is most well-known today as one of the co-founders of Ufology, however I was struck by a claim that early in his pursuits he founded an order of Tibet.  That's an odd claim that makes me think he was influenced by Theosophy.  So I'll see what I can find out about him.

George Adamski was born Apr 1891 in Poland (Germany), the son of Joe Adamski and his wife Frances.  In 1895, the family immigrated to the United States.  They are found in 1900 living at Dunkirk in Chautauqua County, New York where father Joe is a laborer.  In 1910 father Joseph is now a boiler maker, while his son George is a coal maker, both working for the locomotive works.  In the Special New York Census of 1915, father Joseph is now a blacksmith, while George is in the US Army.

George Adamski had volunteered, and served in the U.S. Cavalry for 2 years, and then went to work for the National Park Service, being stationed at Yellowstone Park in the Summer of 1917.  Perhaps it was there where he met his future wife, the much older Mary Shimbersky (Source), whom he married that same year, on Christmas Day. (Source)  They moved to Portland, Oregon where he is listed as a house painter in the 1920 US Federal Census.  By 1928 they had moved to Los Angeles, California where they both appear that year in Voter Registration lists.  In 1930 however, he is described that year in the census as a Lecturer.  Between 1934 and 1936 they had moved to Laguna Beach in Orange County when he is being described as a Teacher.  Then in 1942 they moved to Valley Center, in San Diego County.

His lecturing and/or teaching was apparently tied to a group called "The Royal Order of Tibet", in which he states (later) that he had served as "instructor on philosophy".  "The lessons I gave in lecture form and many of them were broadcast over radio stations in Long Beach and Beverly Hills.... These lessons consisted of purely philosophical talks on the laws of life from a universal concept which every person should know." (cited from Gray Barker's Book of Adamski, p33-4)  Researcher Tim Cridland, found that the Los Angeles Times 8 April 1934, published an article on this new order, which has been transcribed at this link, showing that this first property the group purchased was the "Claude D Bronner estate on Manzamita Drive" (Laguna Beach).  In 1936, he published his first book, "Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East", which was published by the Laguna-based Royal Order of Tibet. (Source) (Source)

Some of his talks were broadcast over radio stations, KFOX in Long Beach, and KMPC in Los Angeles from 1936 through 1938.  He and one or more "followers" bought a Ranch near Mount Palomar where they setup apparently an attempt at communal living, but sold this in 1944 and moved up the slopes of Mount Palomar itself.  He had been given a 6-inch telescope and setup an amateur observatory, mentioned in a 1947 directory of such observatories. (Source)

According to a modern article, he is supposed to have lived in 1952 at what is now called "Oak Knoll Campground" on Mount Palomar, California when his encounter of the third kind occurred, where he communicated face-to-face with an alien from Venus.  Contrary to this news article, his Wikipedia article claims that the Alice K Wells who helped finance the development of the Palomar Terraces land and Palomar Gardens Cafe in 1944, was a student of his, not his daughter.  "Palomar Gardens" was apparently the original name for the campground now called "Oak Knoll".  One of those who were eye-witnesses to George's encounter with a man apparently from one of these spaceships, is always called Lucy McGinnis.  I've dug into her background a bit.

In 1953, he published, with co-author Desmond Leslie, the book "Flying saucers have landed".
On 18 Jul 1954 his wife Mary, who had been born in Kansas 15 Sep 1878 died in Los Angeles County (CADI)

In 1958, in the book by Gray Barker, George's address is given as Palomar Terrace, Star Route, valley Center, California. (Ibid, pg 61)

  • 1900 US Federal Census, Dunkirk Ward 4, Chautauqua County, New York : "110 Roberta Road; Joe Adamski, Mar 1867, 33, married 13 years ago, born Poland/Poland/Poland, immigrated in 1895, occupation Labor; Frances, Oct 1862, 37, married 13 years ago, mother of 8, 4 living, born Poland/Poland/Poland, immigrated in 1895, occupation (blank); George, Apr 1891, 9, b Poland, immigrated in 1895, occupation At School; Lenna, Sep 1893, 6, b Poland, immigated in 1895, occupation (blank); Veronika, Dec 1894, born Poland, 5, immigrated in 1895; Francis, Jan 1898, 2, born New York (wj)"
  • 1910 US Federal Census, Dunkirk Ward 4, Chautauqua County, New York : "341 Nevins Street; Joseph Adamski, 42, married first time, 20 years ago, born Ger-Polish, naturalized 1909, boiler maker, locomotive works; Frances, 40, married first time, 20 years ago, mother of 15, 7 living, born Ger-Polish, naturalized 1909, no occupation; George, 19, born Ger-Polish, naturalized 1909, coal maker, locomotive works; Lena, 18, born Ger-Polish, naturalized 1909, presser, laundry; Veronica, 17, born Ger-Polish, naturalized 1909, sewing gloves, silk factory; Francesca, 15, born New York; Walter, 6, born New York; Sylvester, 5, born New York; Martha, 2, born New York (wj)"
  • 1912 Dunkirk City Directory : "Adamski George, laborer, res 341 Nevins"
  • 1915 Special New York State Census, Dunkirk Ward 4, Chautauqua County, New York : "341 Nevins Street, Joseph Adamski, Blacksmith; Frances, wife, Housewife; George, US Army; Levota (?), Laundry Girl; Berniece, Housework; Frances, Housework; Walter, School; Sylvester, School; Martha, School"
  • US World War I Draft Registration Cards : "George Adamski, age 26, resident of Yellowstone Park, Montana; born 17 Apr 1891; naturalized citizen, born in Germany, laborer, National Park Service; Single; Previously a private in the US Cavalry for 2 years; brown eyes, black hair; Signed 5 Jun 1917"
  • 1920 US Federal Census, Precinct 245, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon : "Townsend Hospital, owned by Swedish Lutheran Church; 595 Williams Avenue; George Adamsky, Head, 28, immigrated in 1893, naturalized, born Germany/Germany/Germany; Painter, House; Marie, wife, 40, born Iowa/(blank)/Bohemia"
  • 1930 US Federal Census, District 420, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California : "George Adamski, Head, 33, married first at 25, Lecturer, Genes (? Jener ?) Religion; Mary, wife, 51, married first at 38"
  • California Voter Registrations 1900-1968
    • 1928 Los Angeles County, George (painter) and Mrs Mary Adamski (housewife), Democrats
    • Also appears in 1930, 1932, 1934
    • 1936 Orange County, George Adamski (no wife listed), Teacher, Laguna Beach, also in 1938
    • Then in 1940 Mrs Mary Adamski appears living with him again
    • 1942 George Adamski, Teacher, Valley Center, San Diego County
  • Dunkirk Evening Observer, 16 Jul 1937 : "Died, Joseph Adamski, Thursday, July 15th 1937 at the family home, 341 Nevins street, after a prolonged illness.  Born in Poland, resident of this city for the past 44 years.  Member and one of the organizers of St. Hedwig's church.  Husband of Mrs Frances Adamski, father of George Adamski of Los Angeles, Cal., Walter Adamski of this city, Sylvester Adamski and Mrs Vincent Filipowski of Lackawanna, NY, Mrs Walter Papierski and Mrs Vincent Biaiasuewski of this city.  14 grandchildren also survive.  Funeral services Monday, July 19, 1937 with brief services at the family home, 341 Nevins street at 8:30 and 9 o'clock at St Hedwig's church.  Interment to follow in the family plot in St Hedwig's cemetery.  Supkoski Funeral Service Inc. (wj)"
  • Dunkirk Evening Observer, 25 Oct 1946 : "Entered into Rest, Adamski, Mrs Frances, Thursday, 24 Oct 1946 at the residence of her son, Sylvester Adamski, 126 Serval street.  Born in Poland, resident of this city for the past 50 years.  Member of St Hedwig's church and St Peters society.  Mother of George Adamski of Center Valley, Cal., Mrs Lena Bialasaewski, Mrs Walter Panierski, Walter and Sylvester Adamski of this city and Mrs Vincent Filipowski of Lackawanna.  Brother [sic] of John Kwistkowski of Detroit, Mich. Fourteen grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren also survive.  Funeral services from the residence of her daughter Mrs Lena Bialazsewski, 332 Nevins street, Monday, Oct 28th 1946 at 8:30 and 9 o'clock.  In St Hedwig's church.  Interment to follow in the family plot in the parish cemetery.  Supkoski Funeral Service Incorporated. (wj)"
  • SSDI : "George Adamski, born 17 Apr 1891, died Apr 1965, SSN issued by California in 1953/54"
  • Died 23 Apr 1965, buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia

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