The Walt Disney Family Museum. Operated by Walt Disney's family. The Walt Disney Family Foundation promotes scholarly research, education and publication of information on subjects relating to Walt Disney and the time during which he lived.
The official fan club of Disney by Disney. News articles on the history of The Walt Disney Company can be found regularly, Epcot Center and E.P.C.O.T included.
The Walt Disney Company Corporate website. The "company history" website includes interesting features and documents on Walt Disney ans his career over the years.
One man's observations today about the worlds
of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy.
Thoughts about Walt Disney Imagineering and the Disney parks of yesterday and today.
The official Disney website on Epcot themepark 
and Walt Disney World.
"A Restful Haven" for Walt Disney World's past history.
Blog on thoughts on "restoring Disney's most unique,
most daring theme park."
History and Legacy of Epcot Center.
Opinions & thoughts on Disney History, the Retro-Futurism of the World's Fairs, EPCOT, and the theme park design theories governing the interplay of thematic elements in Disneyland and beyond. 
Official site for the District of Walt Disney World Resort.
Official site for the city of Celebration.