Theoretical Ecology Lab
Our goal is to develop new ideas for ecologists or even biologists by using theoretical approaches (e.g., mathematics and computer simulation), and to advance our understanding of how nature is working.  We are mainly interested in studying the mechanisms of biodiversity maintenance, such as how biological interactions (e.g., predation and mutualism) between organisms can shape biodiversity and how biodiversity will respond to environmental changes (e.g., habitat loss and phenology shifts).  However, any topics can be subjects of our theoretical research, including evolution, behavior, and application to fishery or agriculture.  Species identity (e.g., plants and animals) or ecosystem type (e.g., terrestrial and aquatic) does not matter.  We prefer simple but far-reaching ideas.  Collaborations with field and experimental researchers (including students) are welcome.

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Future Ecology Events
Wed   09:10-11:00   Theoretical Ecology

Wed   13:10-15:00   Ecosystem Ecology Special Topics