St Leonard’s Chapel, 
Hazlewood, Yorkshire, 
LS24  9NJ

OSJ Services 2018

Services take place on the FIRST and THIRD Sundays of each month at 6.00 p.m.

Services, unless otherwise stated, take the form of a short and very gentle communion service, lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.


 4th January 2018
 4th February 2018
 4th March, 2018 
 1st  April, 2018 
 6th May, 2018   
 3rd June, 2018 
 1st July, 2018  
 5th August, 2018   
 2nd September 2018  
 7th  October, 2018 
 4th  November, 2018    
 2nd December, 2018
 21st  January 2018
 18th  February, 2018,
 18th  March 2018
 15th  April 2018
 20th  May, 2018 
 17th  June, 2018 
 15th  July, 2018
 19th  August, 2018 
 16th  September, 2018 
 21st  October, 2018 
 18th  November, 2018 
 16th  December, 2018 



We use a non-alcoholic wine so children may take part too.

There is no requirement to be baptised or confirmed.

All are very welcome and all may receive freely if of good intent and need.


Additional Services:

                       Remembrance Sunday:       11th November 10.35 a.m.

                       Midnight Mass:                     24th December 11.20 p.m. 

Key Moments from Services in 2016
The Consecration of Fr. David Bennett, OSJ.
St Leonard's,  1st November, 2016.


The mitre, crozier ring and cross in readiness
 A few moments of reflection by Fr. David The laying on of hands by the Executive Bishop, OSJ
 The anointing of +David's head
 The anointing of +David's hands
 The receiving of the Gospels
 The receiving of the Episcopal ring
 +David moments before he takes his seat +David and wife Anne