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Novare Coast PvP Zone

Welcome to the Novare Coast!

"In the Novare Coast player-vs-player Warzone, opposing forces battle for control of three mortar turrets that overlook a strategically vital beachhead. Control of the turrets means control of the beach, which very well may decide who takes control of the contested world of Denova!"

Much like the Alderaan PvP Zone the goal here is to control turrets.  Unlike Alderaan however, this zone tends to be very chaotic.   The Southern or Center Turret sits atop a rise, which affords approaching players some cover in order to get closer before initial attacks.  It is also approachable from multiple directions as opposed to the North / South approaches on Alderaan's central turret.  Most, if not all, of the fighting (depending on the level of your group's tactics) tends to center on this Southern Turret.

Other important differences include the requirement to have control of two turrets before damage can be done to the opposing base and some interesting tactical terrain elements, such as minefields and encampments. More on these later.

In general PvP matches among PUGs and, often, Pre-made Groups, the main tactic is to swarm the Southern turret, hope for the best and a good group mix and try to take it.  Usually, whoever gets control of it first, tends to keep it.  This is usually done with 6 of the 8 available players while the other two take uncontested control of their nearest (East or West) turret, generally keeping it for the entire match.  At this point, the team without control of the Southern turret spends the remainder of the match throwing themselves uselessly at the, by now, entrenched controlling team.  Occasional forays to the opposing teams outlying turret are generally unproductive as it is too easy and too quick to roll spare teammates out to them to reinforce without leaving the Southern turret under-defended.

Frankly, this is chump work.  The developers have, I think, included some interesting options for the tactically minded player and team.  I believe that by using these features, a well coordinated team can engage in a strategy that ensures victory far better than the random chaos approach.

Take a good look at this map of Novare Coast:

To begin, each bunker has three exits.  Two of them (marked with red arrows) lead to the Southern turret and the closest East / West turret.  The third exit (marked with a yellow arrow) is rarely used and I only discovered it by accident.  It leads almost directly to a minefield that will insta-kill any player who enters it.  There is, however, a narrow band of approach just outside the door and along the wall.  This is useful to remember.  Further, more thorough, examination has shown that the third exit leads into a dead zone behind each bunker (not to the South) with no access to the main field of battle at this time.  These exits may be safely ignored.

Also make note of the two tents (red circles) located in front of each bunker along the Southern approach.  Additionally, each bunker's northern exit has a pair of siege walls located just north of it.  This suggests an alternate strategy that can be effectively used by a coordinated Pre-Made group with good communication.

I suggest ignoring the turrets entirely in the early part of the match.  Instead, the goal in the first few minutes is to get into siege positions around the enemy base.  By splitting the team in to two groups of 3 and one group of 2, moving around to the North of the Southern turret with the two 3-man teams and taking position at the opposing tent and nearest wall to the enemy base.  To be effective, these 3-man groups should be composed of a healer, a tank and a DPS build.  Usual tactics should be employed regarding aggro and taunts as well as healing and damage targeting.

The goal of these two teams is to prevent the opposing team from leaving the base through the usual routes when they respawn.  On their way to these positions they should coordinate together to take out any hostiles they encounter, thereby sending them back to base.  Meanwhile, the third team should acquire the nearest East or West turret then head over to bolster the three man teams until sufficient enemies have been sent to respawn.  Once apparent control of the enemy base has been achieved, they should be able to freely move to the other East or West turret and gain control of that.  At no time should any of these teams engage enemies at the Southern turret until full siege control of the opposing base has been achieved.

The two man team then becomes a roaming team, making sure to control turrets while helping to maintain the siege.  If a 3-man team needs help, they should respond to it and bring the situation back under control.  As the terrain is a bit cumbersome to move from one control point to another, it may become necessary to split the two man, once turrets are under control, and make two four man teams at the tent and wall.

If, by some extraordinary feat of organization, the opposing team begins to realize what is going on and group up, a single 8 man charge out of one of the exits could break the siege depending on team composition and communication.  If this occurs, it may be better to allow them to retake the Southern turret, rather than attempt to prevent it due to the time it would take to reset the siege.  You've already invested a fair portion of time holding it and have, hopefully, had enough time on target with all three turrets to make the outcome of the match at this point unavoidable.  In this case, simply dropping back, allowing them to retake the Southern turret and reinforcing the other two, should give you the victory as they will still need to take one additional turret and hold the Southern one to even begin doing damage to your base.