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Guild Ranks Explained

These are the Guild Ranks for active members of The Order of Sixty-Six and the Exiled Lords.
Notes on gaining ranks in the guilds - Generally ranks are earned and are not something that a person can lobby to the officers in order to move up. How can one move up?  Generally by being active in the guild. The more active and the more helpful you are to your fellow players and guild members, the more you take it upon yourself to put together or lead activities for any aspect of the game, the more likely it is that you will be noticed and asked if you are interested in moving up to the next rank. Also, it it important to state that ALL types of activities can help you move up.  If you help teach new members about the various aspects of the game in a positive and constructive manner, then you might be officer material.

Please note: NONE of these include d20 Radio membership contributions as a factor in promotion and never will. You may have already spent money on the game; we are not going to make spending more money a factor in guild stuff. That way madness lies. By the same token, bribing officers or other guild members for promotions with in-game credits or other such nonsense will not be tolerated. If you want to donate these sorts of things to the guild as whole, that is fine and they will be much appreciated, but these will not be considered as factors in rank promotion. Just to repeat - the way to rise in rank is to be an active participant and supporter of your guild in ways that add value to the guild as a whole and generally improve the life of your guild mates.

The Order of Sixty-Six ranks are the first half of each entry, and The Exiled Lord ranks are the second half of each entry.

Initiate / Foot Soldier - This rank is our entry rank for the guild.  It consists of new members, as well as those who simply wish to play the game in peace and do not want to join in-game activities with the guild. They are members of the guild and are to be treated with the respect due any other full member of the guild. Members of this rank do enjoy the Experience Point bonus and Reputation Track bonus for the guild, can access and post in Guild Chat (except for any limits imposed by the game on your account level), and are welcome to join others from the guild for any in-game activities.

All Initiates/Foot Soldiers should set a Member Note within the in-game Guild panel for any character in our guilds. Your Member Note should be either your main character's name, your legacy name, or your d20 Radio forum name. Please set your Member Note to be the same for each alt character that you have in both The Order of Sixty-Six and The Exiled Lords.

Initiates/Foot Soldiers who are active with the guild in any in-game activities on a regular basis will be promoted to the general membership rank of Revanchist/Knight. Initiates/Apprentices who show initiative with greater participation and activity such as leading or actively reaching out to join guild mates on things such as quests, dailies, flashpoints, or warzones, etc... may be promoted sooner at the sole discretion of the guild officers.  Initiates/Foot Soldiers have no access to the guild banks.  This is partly in the interest of security for the guild in regards to new members, as well as to align our guild's rewards with active participation in Dailies, PvP, Flashpoints, Operations, general questing, guild events, or assisting with leveling.

Revanchist / Grenadier - The general membership level of the guild.  You participate in guild activities and otherwise support the guild.  You cannot be promoted to this rank, or any higher, without a Member Note set (see the Initiate/Foot Soldier rank section above for Member Note details).  Members of this rank have some access to the Guild Bank and to repair funds, although at this time that access is still somewhat limited as we save towards expanding the Guild Capital ship.

Masters Council / Lord - The officers of the guilds. The purpose of the officers is to generally manage the day to day activities of the guilds for various aspects of game play and to serve as advisors to the Guildmaster.  They typically specialize in a particular aspect of game play but are generally knowledgeable of the other aspects and try to support as many guild activities as they can. Any suggestions or problems for the guilds can be brought to the officers, who then may collaborate with other officers and the Guildmaster to consider any given issue.

Protector / Executor - Alt characters of the Guildmaster.

Guildmaster / Guildmaster- The leaders of the guilds.  Currently Aieranda/Aishek.

Character Retirement - Characters of the Hand of Revan rank or lower that are inactive for over 180 days and who have a member note will have all alt characters except for one removed from the guild.  If you had member notes populated, the one alternate character that remains in guild will retain the rank of Initiate.  You can specify to an officer which character you'd like to retain in the guild if you are planning to take a leave of absence.  You can do this when you are ready to leave the game if you chose to share your plans with an officer.  Should such players return, at least one of their characters should still be in the guild and able to communicate with the active players to get involved again and get their alts invited back.  Returning players can resume their previously held ranks, up to Hand of Revan.  Characters with no member note whatsoever and 180 days of inactivity will simply be removed from the guild panel within game.  This is not a banishment in any sense, and all past members removed in this manner are welcome to return.  This is simply done to better manage the guild roster panel in-game.

Retired Ranks - The following ranks have either been retired or are being held in reserve in event of the need to restore them to service.

Hand of Revan / Baron (Retired Rank) - This is one step above Revanchist.  You've made a significant contribution to the guild in some way typically by going beyond simple attendance of in-game activities with the guild.  You are very helpful to fellow guild members by leading them in activities in-game such as helping organize the guild's crafting resources and crafters, very frequently leading groups of guild members through in-game activities such as Flashpoints, PvP teams, World Boss hunts, Operations, official in-game events (Gree, Rakghouls, etc...), or RP story line assistance.  It can also be conferred for assistance with out of game stuff like articles, maintenance, or editing for the guild's web site.

The Vigilant / Viscount (Retired Rank) - These are the folks that have a special function within the guild and/or have distinguished themselves in service to the guild in the past, typically as founders, officers, or a public face such as recruiters, podcast hosts, and website folks.  Many of these were on the Council at one time, but are either retired or no longer active on the Council.  For those that are still active in-game, they have this rank assigned but we recognize them here also: GM Dave, Fiddleback, Kat, Perrian, AlphaAnt, Tir-Jin, Zertz, Praetoris, Preacher, Starkweather, Faliena, and Fulongamer to name a few that are either very prominent or still active.  There are probably more than those listed here, and if you'd like your service to be remembered, please contact guild leadership so that we can update this section appropriately.

Chosen of Revan / (No Mirror Rank in TEL) (Retired Rank) - A hold-over rank from the past that was a step below the Master's Council.  At this time there are not any members of this rank.