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IMPORTANT update for January 2017:

The Orchard Foundation no longer accepts unsolicited Concept Letters, Letters of Inquiry, or Proposals. All funding is done on a Pre-Selected Organization (PSO) basis only. Occasionally, Request for Proposals (RFPs) may be sent out to a select number of organizations.

If an RFP is sent, here are some Program Area specifics:

Environmental Advocacy: The foundation funds in the following areas: air quality, global climate change, biodiversity, fresh and coastal waters and forests. Only advocacy, principally legal, governmental agencies, and administrative process participation projects, will be requested.

Children, Youth and Families Advocacy: The foundation funds projects that promote child welfare at local and state levels by addressing systemic issues, such as funding availability or rights, as opposed to direct service projects. We support projects advocating for reproductive rights for adolescents, in addition to projects aiming for comprehensive sexuality education for middle and high school students. 

If an RFP is sent, here are some Guideline specifics:

Types of Support: Generally the foundation makes only restricted grants, favoring requests supporting specific projects and programs. An average grant ranges from $10,000 to $25,000. 

Geographical Limitations: The foundation funds in New York and New England. 

Program Limitations: Grants are not made to individuals, or for endowments, annual or capital campaigns, museums, religious programs, any religion-affiliated organization, conference participation/travel unrelated to current foundation grant, scholarships, fellowships, building projects, equipment needs, or film and video projects. Loans are not made. 


Proposal: The four-page proposal must include a problem statement, the goals of the project, a plan of action, the qualifications of the organization to fulfill the plan and a method of evaluation. Please include the three top measurable results that your organization expects to accomplish if it receives a grant. Supplemental materials needed are a one-page project budget and a one-page operating budget. If available at your website please include direct web links to a board member list, a copy of the last annual financial statement, an annual report, and a list of foundation and corporate supporters for current and most recent fiscal years in your email cover note. If any of these are NOT available at your website, please send with the proposal and budgets. All materials must be submitted via email to orchard@maine.rr.com.

Reporting Requirements: Funded organizations must submit a two-page narrative project assessment and a one-page financial report of how the grant moneys were expended. The report deadline will be given when a project is funded and is generally within 13 months of the grant award. This report must be submitted via email to orchard@maine.rr.com. Grantees will be expected to report back on the three measurable goals listed in the proposal.

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