The Opening the Heart Workshop™ (OTH) is a weekend‐long workshop that provides a safe and supportive environment for accessing feelings, working through blocked emotions, disentanglingfrom the past, reconnecting with core truths, and learning to live more fully from the heart.
A structured and uniquely effective vehicle of personal transformation, the OTH Workshop has been in continuous development for more than 30 years. It has helped thousands of people heal from emotional wounds, build healthier relationships, move though difficult life-passages and find new directions.


"If I could have designed a perfect program it would have looked exactly like what I just experienced. The workshop was very true to the description, which doesn't always occur. But good content is useless without good facilitators. You all are way beyond good. Yes, you're all skilled facilitators and listeners, but you all did so much more than that. Whether it was providing comfort and nurturing, musical talent, poetry, or leading exercises, you all gave yourselves so fully to the group and to the process; graciously, openly, and without hesitation. The dynamic between you all is like no other relationship I've ever seen. I think it has a great influence over the success of the workshop, and likely provides some modeling of positive adult relationships that many of us probably did not experience as kids."--OTH Participant, June 2012

"The Opening the Heart Workshop provides such a safe, gentle, supportive, and loving environment for anyone who is grieving a loss. We believe Elisabeth would applaud this professional yet heartfelt approach to healing from grief." -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation 

“The staff as a whole were so complimentary and their ability to access their own feelings as they demonstrated each exercise was so empowering to me.” —OTH Participant—

"I believe wholeheartedly in this process. I don't know where to begin to tell you how my life has changed and benefited from being a participant." --OTH Participant--

“Truly amazing! I cannot thank you enough for hosting the workshop. I had not even driven out of the [parking lot] when I felt this immense relief & lightness of being. The effects were immediate…The facilitators helped me beyond words. I shall always be grateful.” —OTH Participant—

I was telling a friend recently about the transformational power of this workshop that I experienced at Omega a few years ago. I am forever changed as a result!" - OTH Participant-

"Each member of the staff was outstanding in every way. Their generosity and love was profound." - OTH Participant_