Here you will find the Ontario Elementary Curriculum, from Grades 1 to 8, in Microsoft Word Format.

Here are the Single Grade Documents.
Here are the Combined Grade Comments.

Which criteria are still up-to date?
As of Dec, 2016: Mathematics is still current.
As of Dec, 2016: The Arts; music, drama, dance, visual arts,  are still current.
As of Dec, 2016: Health and Physical Ed appears up-to-date, except for some minor corrections.
As of Dec, 2016: English appears still current.
As of Dec, 2016: Science and Technology appears still current.

Social StudiesHistory, and Geography are not up-to-date, yet.

These are organized into documents that have three extra columns and a table of contents, such that you can manipulate them to suit your current teaching needs. They are a single grade basis and on a split grade(combined) grade basis.

Each has a Table of contents: 

Here is how to change the document and update the Table of Contents: 
  • Open the file.
  • Copy, cut or paste to make split grade, to delete subjects not covered, to add rotary classes or to include prep coverage. 
  • Right click while the cursor is over the table of contents, and then select "update field"... then "update entire table".

Sample of how expectations are set out:

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Barry Stanley
teacher with YRDSB