Hi folks, my name is Andy. I am going to sell my personal John Wayne Gacy collection. The items I have for sale were obtained from Gacy directly--no third parties. A little background on how I obtained the items: In 1990, my wife had a collectible store called 'Splish-Splash Collectibles (4324 W. Irving Park Rd~Chicago, Il). She asked me to run the store a few days out of the week for her. It was perfect timing for me, as I had just retired from being an
auto mechanic. I always liked old toys, books, and strange and unusual things. Well, my wife's small store in Chicago had just that and it attracted people of all sorts. We had very rare and hard to find items that no one else had. I remember one Monday morning at around 10:00 AM a man walked in the store. He started to browse and was checking things out and he said to me, "You have very rare items in your store". I told him, "Yes, I know. Everyone that stops in here says that". I had a picture of Charles Manson hanging on the wall, that caught his eye! He told me that he liked the Manson photo and then he said, "How would you like to have some other items of someone else that is in prison?" I asked who and he said, "John Wayne Gacy". I asked him who he was and he said he was Gacy's lawyer. I told him, "WOW! Yes, I would love to have Gacy's items in my store!" Then the man tells me that he will have John call me. I said, "You're kidding!" He said no, and asked for my telephone number because prisoners can call you, but you can't call them. Right there and then I knew I had it made. From there, it's all history. I made friends with Gacy's lawyer and more importantly, John Wayne Gacy himself. We became close friends, I was even lucky enough to have met his family. I purchased a lot of art and other items from him. We had a big art show in 1993, the week John was to be executed. His family, lawyer, and I put the whole show together. It was on Cannel St. The News stations showed up and over 80 paintings were on display and over 20 cases of the book, "More Letters To Mr. Gacy". We sold a lot of the items. I had a few of my paintings on display. It was surreal. Paintings started at $2,500-$175,000. Yep, that's what I said, Folks. The big whopper was the Summerdale house with crawl space. The only painting in the world that Gacy had done of his whole house. Numbered and singled. John did this painting for me in 1993, six months before he was put to death. The value then was estimated at $175,000. There is no painting in the world like it.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at AMATESI@AOL.COM  or you may call me at (773) 619-1768 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Gacy House Painting:

This painting says a lot when you study it.First of all, Pogo is in the painting peeking around the house, and if you look real close, you will see another person in the painting looking onward. Also, the outline of the crawl space is in the painting. The painting mentioned above and my other items I got from John are all up for sale. Other items available (not pictured):Painting of Gacy's house by John Wayne Gacy. This is the first and last painting John ever did of his house and crawl space. It is 24X18, with the frame I have it in, it is 30X24. This painting includes a cassette tape of John speaking about this piece of art. In it, he discusses how he got in trouble for doing this house painting. He was told not to paint anything connected to the crime and, of course, the house is connected to the crime.
100.000 will buy you my ENTIRE GACY COLLECTION.