Hydrogen.( Idea )


The Oil Dependency

Oil is a big part of the economy's of the world. Multi national businesses and Governments each have a vested interest in the continuous use of oil.

Vast fortunes have been built up. The tax revenue must be phenomenal, and yet there is a down side.

Environmental destruction

Wars have been fought over oil. Whole countries stolen. Corrupt regimes have people killed or moved on, their way of life forever changed, and rarely for the better. Terrorism. Vast areas poisoned and wild life destroyed.


First you have to find the oil, this takes some very expensive hi tech equipment. Then you have to do a deal with who ever owns the land it is under.

Then you have to use more expensive hi tech equipment to drill down, and pump the oil out into ships. You then ship the oil long distance to a refinery. Then after it is processed it will be shipped again to where ever it will be used. Trying not to spill any of this highly toxic substance.


With so many Governments, other organizations and individuals all competing and wanting a cut, the security of supply of oil is always a concern.

Th Hydrogen Argument

If you can generate electricity, you can produce hydrogen.

Hydro, Solar, Wind, Tide, Nuclear, Anaerobic Digester and Clean coal. ( There are other sources.)

Most power generators are not used to their fullest potential. There are times when either there is more electricity made than can be used, or not enough is produced to meet demand.

Storing electricity is not so easy. Unless you use the spare capacity to produce hydrogen.

Stored hydrogen would be available to produce electricity when demand exceeded supply.

Hydrogen is all around us, readily available by using electrolysis. It requires no expensive investment in finding it, or getting it out of the ground. No deals to be done

There is no need to ship it long distances. It is non toxic if it is spilled .The direct burning of hydrogen will produce nitrous oxide, not really a pollutant. Power cells produce water.

Hydrogen can be used for producing fuel on a large scale, in power stations, or on a small scale as in vehicle's. Small scale power stations could be the answer to some of the more awkward places that require an electricity supply.

Hydrogen is ready to go, the technology has been around for decades, it is so reliable it is used in the American space program. Once the decision is made and the government makes a determined effort to push the change to a hydrogen based economy, all the funding being squandered on more efficient internal combustion engines will be focused on further developments in hydrogen technology.

Hydrogen is safer than most other forms of transportable energy.

Spill petrol and it hangs around, spill hydrogen and it dissipates instantly.

Petrol fumes burn inefficiently due to a carbon content, causing large amounts of radiant heat, hydrogen has no carbon content, so has a tiny amount of radiant heat. This makes hydrogen safer in any catastrophic disaster.


As the economy's of scale kick in, and the competition hots up, and with further research and development the price of hydrogen based technology will fall.

Hydrogen is not going to run out, or become scarce.

Producing hydrogen locally makes it easier to tax.

The lower investment in capital equipment means less government intervention.

No need for taxable income to find it's way to offshore banks, or to other governments with lower tax rates.

Smaller producers can be licensed for there own production. If they wish to sell some of their produce, they can be taxed as a business.

Small local businesses do not have lawyers looking for tax loopholes.

Small local businesses do not have international parent company's siphoning off funds that could be used in local economy's.

How ?

Two years notice.

If any car manufacturer wishes to retail their vehicles in the uk in two years time, then at least one model must be available to run on hydrogen.

One petrol station in every urban area of more than six thousand must have a hydrogen pump installed.

A modest investment fund could be provided to help hydrogen producers start up. This investment should have a decent return.

Planning guidelines should be practical, and of help to smaller start ups.

The net cost to the Government will be virtually nothing.

The design and safety of storing and transporting hydrogen has already been examined and legislated on by the European union.


1/ Hydrogen energy is environmentally clean.

2/ The technology to move over to using Hydrogen is already available, and has been used for many decades. It would be easily added to our current infrastructure.

3/ With economies of scale, and increased competition, Hydrogen will be cheaper than other fuels.

4/ Unlike multi national oil company's, locally produced Hydrogen will keep profits from

going abroad,  creating a better tax take, and reduce the import/export imbalance.

5/ Locally produced Hydrogen will never run out and will ensure fuel security.

6/ Hydrogen produced locally means less international tension

The Big Downside

Ending the status quo.

Other governments, multi national company's, stock holders ( especially retirement funds ) and many small, medium and large company's who provide services and products for the oil industry will take a massive knock.

Providing short term loans to help during the change to a Hydrogen based economy for some of these will be necessary.

Further information

Apart from Government studies there are many books on this subject, my own recommendation is ' The Hydrogen Age. Empowering A Clean- Energy Future ' by Geoffrey B. Holland and James J. Provenzano.

This is Only An Idea,

but I believe, with some refinement it could work.