The Greener Convention.( Idea )

If we did not try this, will we still have a planet to live on ?

If we try this and fail, will we still have a planet to live on ?

If we try this an succeed, will we still have a planet to live on ?

A Greener Convention.

How ?

Ask everyone in the country to chip in.

If you could get individuals to part with a small sum of money each, and use it to invest in a major alternative energy push, you could change the sloow tortuous progress we have made so far, into a more energetic cantor.


For a small sum of money, you can register your home in a lottery. When you are lucky enough to be drawn, the house will be pimped up green style.

Super insulation, solar panels, Geo thermal heating, water reclamation, wind turbines.

Part of the Idea is to facilitate an interest free loan without the stringent rules the current system has. The repayments will be set at a reasonable rate.

Part of the idea is to turn every home in the country in to a net exporter of energy.

When enough houses are made over, and the volume of repayments is large enough, you can consider local Combined Heat And Power stations, Anaerobic Digester's, Hydrogen car refuelling points, and other small scale projects. These to should bring more money into the pot. Once enough cash is flowing it could be used to change industries power supplies.

Where Do You Start ?


Have you signed a petition ?

Have you protested ?

Do you recycle ?

Do you use your car less ?

Did you vote green ?

Have you super insulated your loft ?

Have you given up foreign holidays ?

Have you changed your light bulbs, and turned down the central heating ?

I have done my bit, is this enough ?

The feeling of ; someone somewhere should do something. ( As long as it does not change my lifestyle ). Will not go away.

Why Not Ask ; What Can I Do ?

Well you could ask the government to build more wind farms.

You could ask the government to insist on more fuel efficient vehicle standards.

You could ask the government for more cycle paths.

You could ask the government to do something, as long as it does not

A/ cost anything.

B/ reduce my life style.

C/ require me to make an effort.

To get the Government to change the world, is a big ask.

Being a pressure group, and bombarding any Government with well meaning demands to save the planet, can only be for the greater good, But it is a long slow process, with well entrenched resistance from other pressure groups.

Lots of strange / flaky eco groups, contradictory scientists and doomsayers, all telling you we shall all have to live in caves and grow our own food.


The Vested interests.

Old friends from the business world, in reassuring suits and they must know what they are talking about, because they have lots of money.

When you have lots of money you can impress your way to the collective government ear.

When you have lots of money you know it likes company, and really should get some more to keep it happy.

When you have lots of money you do not like to lose even a tiny amount.

When you have lots of money it can become more important than anything else. The biggest pile of crinkly bills, the most zero’s.

When the only allegiance in your life is to accruing greater sums of money, you will exploit every avenue, every person, every nation, even the planet just for a little personal gain.

There is the oil industry, global and rich.

Gas, Electricity, Arms, Motor, Air, The big retailers. And many more.

Before You Make anything, You Must First Make An Effort

Of course there is an alternative. Use the free market. Go into competition with The Vested Interests directly. There is no need to bother with a compromised government.

Important Points

1/ It has to be entirely voluntary. It can be run in a business like manner, but if it is run as a business, vast sums of money will be bled out of it and the whole thing will slow to a crawl.

2/ All the funds raised are too be used in projects to benefit the environment.

3/ Nothing is to be borrowed.

4/ Funds could be used to kick start commercial projects, but only if they meet a criteria. The larger part of the business profits are to be used to benefit the community.

5/ No investing or trading on any stock market.

6/ Individuals, organisations, clubs, unions and anyone else could add donations to the scheme.

7/ Individuals, organisations, clubs, unions and other interested parties would provide local help to see the work was done, and done well.


Reduction of greenhouse gases.

Reduction of other pollutants.

Work for local artisans. Keeping money in the community.

A regular income from your home, means less work stress and more opportunity to enjoy family life.

No big power stations ( especially nuclear ones ).

A different ethos, less competitive, more co-operative.

If it worked, the pattern could be used in almost every country in the world, creating wealth in poorer regions and reducing forced economic migration.

Fuel security.

Reduction in tax avoidance.

Millions more people paying tax means a bigger tax take.

A market this big would cause a massive world wide increase in competition, and innovation.

A massive reduction in the imbalance of the import / export figures.


This is a massive project. It would need a serious team to put it together and run it.

The vested interest’s will fight it all the way.

It could fall flat on it’s face and fail.

Taxation would have to be re-thought.

A lot of big industries will change or shrink dramatically.

This is only an idea, but with some effort it could be made to work.

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