To The Online Idea Laboratory version two.

The Online Idea Lab Is An Idea Itself.

The Purpose.

To give people with good ideas a virtual platform. A place where ideas can be shared, examined, discussed and amended.

Maybe                                                              Maybe not

Can                                                                  Can not

Should                                                              Should not

There are many millions of people on this planet, experienced in specific fields, knowledgeable in different ways. A vast untapped resource.

We do not need to wait for our civic leaders, or scientific establishments to do our thinking for us.

No matter what job you do, or what wage you earn, colour, creed or class background, from bona fide geniuses to the dedicated slacker we are all members of the same gene pool,.

The next big idea could come from anywhere, from a patents clerk, or a coal miner, from a school teacher or an unemployed single mother.

All you need to do is think it up, and share it with us.

Facing The Future

Climate Change



Financial Meltdown


Mass Migration

Political Instability


Resource Shortages



There are big and scary problems out there, and what do we do about them ? Maybe the pub debating society, or a domestic goddess will have something to contribute. As long as you stay away from the usual suspects, prejudice and herd mentality, you may have something unique and important to share.

It is up to you, good luck.

Any ideas of your own, or contributions to the ones on this web site

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Please note, this project is one of many I have on the go,

so the updating may be a little erratic.