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I love to garden.  When I bought my first house 10 years ago, it became my passion and as such, I've decided to pursue a Horticulture degree starting this the fall.  I have a successful career as an Engineer and may not use the Horticulture degree in the immediate future, but its something I've always wanted to do. 
When we moved into our home, the yard was awful.  It had basically been abandoned to neglect for years.  The front of the house was overgrown shrubs most of which we tore out and replaced.  The backyard was wooded (which I love particularly on hot summer days) but the years of unraked leaves left nothing but clay mud underneath.  Someday, I need to scan "before" pictures and add more "after" pictures of the back.  After a lot of hard work, we cut down dead trees, trimmed branches from some and added sod to the yard to slowly create a more welcoming garden. 
My climbing roses (only 2 years old and thriving).  If you scroll down to the last picture, you can see how it looked just 2 years ago before I planted the roses.  This is probably my favorite area in the yard.  I always wanted a white picket fence with an arbor of climbing roses.  My husband worked so hard to get that fence put in.
Tulips and grape hyacinths in spring. 

Same area as above with lavender and delphiniums in early summer.

Front of the house on Memorial Day.
A peony leaning on the fence.

Front of the house

 Herb Garden

 Peace Climbing Rose.  I love this rose and I really tried to keep it healthy, but I've failed and now have to remove it.  :-(

Our Patio was surrounded by wood planters.  We removed the ones that enclosed the patio in the back and expanded it with fieldstone.  We also added the tiers of stacked stone and soil to help with a grading problem and to improve the soil so that we could plant. 

 Geoff Hamilton Rose

This Azalea is one of the few original shrubs.  I just love the color but it was incredibly overgrown.  I cut it down to nothing but sticks a year ago and wondered if it would come back.  It came back beautifully and is much more manageable now.

I have an insane number of massive Hostas that need dividing.  I recently removed one and planted a few different things here to add some variety.  Coleus, Jacob's Ladder, miniature irises and daylilies. 
 My irises in bloom and another little creature I "grew".  ;-)

Potting Bench Project
I found an inspiration picture after searching for potting benches that I fell in love with.

So, I bought a china cabinet at a thrift store ...

... and turned it into this:

Not bad, right?
It happens to have a light inside, so this is how it looks lit up: