Paths Across West Lothian
---p.a.w.l. -Working for "The Old Drove Road" in West Lothian---

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One of the reasons why working for "The Old Drove Road" within West Lothian is important is that by that means links would be developed with the very large and established networks of footpaths and cycling and horse trails right across Scottish Borders and in fact thence across Southern Scotland and Northern England too.

Detailed maps and guides are available from the website

There are also a series of booklets available from tourist offices throughout Scottish Borders.The main one is "South of Scotland Countryside Trails" but each path area also has its individual booklet guide.There is no intention to cover anything within these publications but here is a list of what is available-

North Tweeddale Path Network                                            Biggar to Broughton DisusedRailway

John Buchan Way                                                                     East Tweeddale Path Network

Central Tweeddale Path Network                                                                            Ae Forest

Cross Borders Drove Road                                                                               Waverley Way

Minch Moor Road                                                                                              Bloody Bush

Buccleuch Rides                                                                                       Pennine Bridleway

Hawick Circular Riding Route                                                                     Border County Ride

Jedburgh-Hawick Link                                                                Jedburgh Circular Riding Route

Keilder Forest Routes                                                   Eskdale to Hawick Long Distance Route 

Ae-Eskdalemuir                                                                                             Cheviot Paths