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We Moved!

posted Nov 20, 2009, 9:44 AM by Ross Ojala

Yeah- so it's been a while...  I stink at weekly updates, I know.  We are in Cambridge, MN now- in a tiny, old apartment. Saving money on rent and all that- no extra money, but enough to pay bills and get food.  :)  Gabe and Violet wanted me to share the picture of their costumes- we got them on clearance after Oct. 31st.  Gabriel is "Wolverine" and Violet is "Buzz Lightyear," they're pretty cute. 

Bow Hunter

posted Sep 19, 2009, 1:12 PM by Jasmine Ojala

Ross got a new ghillie suit for bow hunting.
Very cool.

Tomatoes and 2 year olds...

posted Aug 20, 2009, 3:14 PM by Jasmine Ojala

  This is the first of our tomatoes the phone is for size comparison. They are an Amish heirloom of some kind.  The leaves look like a potato plant.  We have also got a bunch of cherry tomatoes, but the suspiciously never make it in to the house for a photo...  Cindy gave both of the plants to us, she took the cherry tomato seeds from some store bought tomatoes she liked and the plant is producing like crazy!
Violet ate both of the tomatoes pictured above, she loves them.  Gabe was not to be out done- he ate almost half a watermelon today. 

Can you believe Violet is two?!?!?  Her tiny "I'm still wearing 12-18 month clothes!" little body doesn't either... 

Squash! and other things...

posted Jul 7, 2009, 8:32 AM by Jasmine Ojala   [ updated Jul 7, 2009, 11:20 AM ]

We picked the first squash from the garden this year- a little yellow one.  Gabriel and I want to eat it for lunch- Violet said, "No."  Maybe we will wait until tonight so Ross can have some too. 
I swept the driveway and then we all scooped up the leaves and sticks in to a bag.  It was messy and fun.  We found lots of different bugs- Gabriel held them all, his friends.  We looked up their names when we came in the house.  Did you know that the name Phyllophaga (June Bug) is derived from the Greek words phyllon (φυλλον), which means "leaf", and phagos (φαγος), which means "eater", with a feminine ending??  They are very clumsy bugs- is that feminine?  
We had a pile of leaves sitting in the corner of our yard since the winter, and when we picked the top layer off, we found some rich compost with many worms.  So, now we are going to make a worm compost bin- I had been wanting to and I figure this is just the start I need!  I am planning on converting our old cloth diaper hamper (with a pop top lid) to use as a bin.  Gabriel loves the worms- he calls them his 'friends' too.  We 'fed' them some spinach and eggshells and other veggie 'waste' from preparing stock. 

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