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'Walking with Jesus', The Times, March 2005

'Face to Faith', The Guardian, 8 April 2006

'Don't Blame Religion', The Spectator, 13 August 2005

'Hegel with songs', The Guardian, 7 September 2005

'A carnival of Christianity', The Guardian, 9 July 2005

'The evil that men do', The Spectator, 11 June 2005

'Writing God Off', The Spectator, 10 September 2005

Article in The Times, May 7 2005: The Church that lost its spirit

Article in The Times, Feburary 15 2005: Get off your knees, Dr Williams

Article in Modern Believing, Autumn 2004: Ecclesiological Fundamentalism

Article in The Times, August 7 2004: Europe both fears and envies the certainties of Islam

Interview with Theo Hobson on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National: The Ark, 30 May 2004

Article in The Times, April 3 2004: Is the Pope a Tory?

Article in The Guardian, January 24 2004: Life after Anglicanism

Article in The Times, November 8 2003: An established Church of England is a neutered Church

Article in The Guardian, August 22 2003: CofE, RIP

Article in The Church Times, May 2003: 'Hobson Makes his Choice'

Article in Third Way, March 2003: The Sneers of a Clown

Article in The Guardian, August 3 2002: It is time for another reformation

Article in The Spectator, February 2 2002: Losing our Religion

Article in The Spectator, October 8 2001: Piety Trick

Wanted: Theologies of Peace

Another Dome, Another Scam ; Martin Luther and the National Lottery