is a free Android SMS gateway application. Wow! What is that? Well it is an application that allows you to send SMS text messages via your Android mobile telephone from any other PC, ipad or mobile phone. In other words, send SMS text messages from you're PC, MAC or ipad.

You will be able to get it from the Android Market. This specific version is free, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Here are some of screenshots of the application.

Setup screen

Delete unsent messages

Icon of the application

How to use this application
* Read the terms and conditions first before using this application.

Step 1. Download it from the Android Market.
Step 2. Install it on your Android telephone or tablet.
Step 3. Decide how frequent the application needs to search for available SMS text messages. This parameter is called the polling interval and the unit of measure is in minutes. By default the application will go and search for messages every minute and send them via your device.
Step 4. Tap on the indicator to activate the service. Just a note, you have to activate this indicator at least once before you can login to the internet application. Let it run for at least 30 seconds the first time.
Step 5. Visit and start sending SMS text messages.  To login to this internet application, use the password and unique ID from your android device's SendPCSMS setup screen.

The following two pictures are screenshots of the internet application you will be using to send SMS text messages.

The screen to capture your messages


- You can not sending SMS text messages if you haven't activated your application at least once for at least 30 seconds. To activate is simple, just follow the steps above.
- Make sure to de-activate the service when not in use, because the program still runs in the background if you don't, even if you exit the application. Do de-cativate just un-tick the activate service checkbox.
- If you are going to run this application for long durations, make sure to adjust the polling interval. The more frequent the polling interval, the more it will drain your battery and the more data will be send via the internet.
- If you do not use the correct password and Unique ID combination, then your text message will not be send and it will be deleted from the database.


- Why do I have to type in the password for every SMS?
This is for security purposes and also, to prevent you from sending multiple SMS text messages accidentally. You can select the Remember me drop down box. This will then remember your password and unique ID. Make sure to select NO when you are done. 
- I have send a text message but the receiver never received it.
This can be either you have typed in the wrong login details or there are temporary issues with your network provider or the Android application is not swithed on (activated). Also make sure you have enough data CAP left. Text messages is small, but if you don't have any data CAP left, then you can't make use of this service.


- An android device (mobile phone or tablet PC) with at least Android version 2.2
- SendPCSMS android application 

 For the device you are going to use to send text SMS messages:

- PC, MAC, ipad or any internet capable device with internet access.