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Recent Projects 2013

Cipher & Code / Land of Tomorrow

Idea Festival / Creative Disruption, Lexington, KY

Hustler's Paradise 2013 / On View Now at Swanson Contemporary, Louisville KY

Note: This petite princess appeared at the gallery opening... watching her play in the installation made me happy.

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The distance to the past is insurmountable. Only our memory is capable of bringing the past into the light of the present. It is a procedure, however, that does not take place without interpretation and selection. So, memory will always be constructed and fragmentary.

As manifestations of social processes and structures, memories are stored and conserved, ordered and inscribed in spaces that are both real and imaginary. The combination of memory and space is part of what endows identity. 

Hustler’s Paradise provides a physical space, that is at once both private and public, for the participant to pick up, read and disseminate the poetic content found at its center.  (read poem)

It is poetry that explores the contemporary relevance of the Culture Wars of the 1970’s and 80’s that gave birth to “queer” as an identity and to the rise of a direct-action activist movement. Since the 1990’s, this radical movement has largely melded into a consumer-culture lifestyle. LGBT citizenship over the past twenty years has increasingly become a corporate marketing identity.

As you walk into the center of the memory temple to pick up the poem, notice where others have walked before you as their feet moved through the glitter.  Read the poem out loud in the center of the space with a friend. Or, fold it neatly and slip it into your pocket. Do with it what you will. It is yours to keep.

No matter how you choose to interact with the installation, your very presence inside the space is a negotiation of the intergenerational perspectives of desire and fear that have marked queer culture’s evolution over the past 40 years.  Hustler’s Paradise is a space that provides a technique of remembrance and a technology of make believe. 

Selected Projects 2012

Q: Neuro-Architecture, Pop-Mythology & Unreal-Truths

November 2012, IDEAS 40203, Louisville KY (Part of "Alternate Painterly" Group Exhibition)
September 2012, Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn NY
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Selected Earlier Work

INSTALLATIONS Winter 2010-2011