Book 8

8.3 Odysseus, raider of cities

8.39 a black ship [Alcinous]

8.50 the inspired bard (Demodocus) [Alcinous]

8.72 the faithful bard the Muse adored (Demodocus)

8.135 murderous Ares, death to men

8.176 quick to the mark Odysseus

8.327 Aphrodite crowned with flowers

8.338 the crafty god of fire (Hephaestus)

8.341 the glorious crippled Smith (Hephaestus)

8.351 devastating Ares [Hephaestus]

8.365 the running god of luck (Hermes)

8.373 limping Hephaestus

8.378 Quicksilver, giver of all good things (Hermes) [Apollo]

8.380 the golden Aphrodite [Apollo]

8.393 the famous crippled Smith (Hephaestus)

8.426 good Odysseus

8.459 Tactful Odysseus

8.523 Zeus the Thunderer [Odysseus]

8.545 Odysseus, master of many exploits