I am currently associate professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University Firelands College. I received my Ph.D from the University of Connecticut in August 2010. My research focuses on several topics in the philosophy of social science and psychology including analogical cognition, mental simulation, expertise, and explanation. I also research the status of natural kinds, particularly with respect to the social sciences. Recent publications include "Real Kinds in Real Time: On Responsible Social Modeling," forthcoming in The Monist, "A Unified Account of General Learning Mechanisms and Theory-of-Mind Development" in Mind and Language“Gender is a Natural Kind with a Historical Essence,” in Ethics, “Structure-Mapping: Directions from Simulation to Theory” in Philosophical Psychology,  "Analogical Cognition: Applications in Epistemology and the Philosophy of Mind and Language," in Philosophy Compass, and "Children and Added Sugar: The Case for Restriction," in the Journal of Applied Philosophy. 


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