The Overview

It starts with a simple proposition,

"Society has an obligation to educate all of its people

(especially adults seeking stable and meaningful employment!)

                                        -- We can’t just continue to only provide an easy means of education to the young;
                                                  -- We can’t just continue to advance unprepared students to the next grade, (thus “kicking the can” down the road);
                                                  -- We can’t just blame those who drop-out; 
                                                  -- We can't accept children growing-up in families where under-education and unemployment is acceptable;                                                   -- We can't accept that losing jobs overseas is inevitable and; 
                                                  -- We certainly can't indefinitely pay the ever-escalating costs related to unemployment, prison and medical treatment

                                       Where can motivated but uneducated adults get another chance..

To go back to school?  

To learn today's necessary skills: 

typing, MS Office, the Internet? 

Today there is no easy way for adults to obtain an education --only “make believe” ways, and hard ways.

However, were there a real system to educate adults --a system like the one that educates K through 12 -- many of society’s real problems (drug abuse, crime, unemployment, overtaxed health care) would not exist today.

We need to create the means for under-educated adults to acquire the skills needed for stable and meaningful employment 

(and everyone will benefit).

What is the Problem?

This country is woefully under-educated. Many people aspire to greatness, but lack the resources to achieve their dream. We live in a computer and technology driven society, yet many people lack any real computer skills. These individuals are left behind not only in the workplace, but by society as a whole.

Why is this a Problem?

The reason for this problem is not typically laziness or an inability to learn. More often, people are left behind or passed through by the system. This problem not only affects the individuals in question, but all of us as well. An uneducated labor pool helps no one. In helping these individuals, ultimately we help ourselves. We also better society as a whole.

The Solution!

The answer lies in educating motivated individuals that desire training, and are willing to put that into action! This is currently taking place in very few select locations across the country. With your help, this can take place around the world. The Remember This book, helps people take the first step on that journey. We will help in the providing of this book those people in need.