Your tuition money

So, here is the break down of your tuition:

Unless you are in osca, your bills look like this:

then you have tuition,
which is probably $42,842 (unless you are part-time)

then, the "fees"


The Financial Structure of OhioPIRG, or the Ohio Public Interest Research Group has long been contested because it uses an alternative funding structure that speaks to the values inherent in the organization: direct democracy. Every two years, OhioPIRG re-affirms that the student body feels comfortable and confident of their presence and activism on campus. 

Below you will find a series of documents that outlines exactly where your $8 per student, per semester is going to provide a direct source of activism in our local, state, and national government.


room and board and tuition all go into the same big swamp of revenue, from which financial aid is drawn for those who need it. then that swamp is funneled into the net operation revenue, and goes into paying professors, and all the other things the college does. (see crash-INTRODUCTION)

student activity fee goes to the SFC (student finance committee) which is a group of students posted by Student Senate. They allocate these funds between events, student groups, speakers, and "other enhancements to student life"

they are spectacularly transparent. anyone w an oberlin email can go to their website and look at every one of their allocations here:

then the green edge fund is allocated by the green edge fund people. They are also transparent. look: