Why is admissions no longer needs blind?

Ok, this page needs more love and attention, but the basic information is this:

The college used to be needs blind, which means that it wouldn't look at financial need until after the student was accepted.

About... 5? years ago, the college switched to "needs sensitive" which means that financial need became a small factor in the admittance process.

The trade off was that before the swwitch, the College could not guarantee that 100% of the admitted students would get the financial aid they needed to attend. Now they do, which is great.

Before the switch, kids would get accepted, then not come because the tuition is too damn high. The fact that admitted students weren't coming led to lower college ratings, and, the college argues, lower ranked students because then we have to draw from slightly less high ranked candidates to fill the empty spots.

It makes some sense. A LOT of efforts have been made to fight the change, for obvious reasons, so it would take a gigantic concentrated effort at this point. Do it. =