The Trustees

The trustees are the highest authority in the administrative structure.

Robert Lemle gets part of the library named for him

Before 2003, the main role of Oberlin’s board was overseeing the management of the institution, but when Robert Lemley became acting chair in 2003, they started changing over to a “strategic board,” which means "working in partnership with the president and senior staff to set the major goals of the institution, and working collaboratively with all campus constituencies to achieve these goals." (Lemley)

Each member must be an Oberlin alumni, and have resources and expertise to contribute.
The responsibilities of the  trustees are the approve all major decisions (especially financial and long-term)

The Executive Committee Consists of:
The chair and vice chair of the board and the chairs of the major subcommittees

Academic Affairs, 
Audit Committee,
Budget and Finance, 
Capital Planning, 
 Development and Alumni Affairs, 
Student Affairs,
Nominations and Governance,

Here are a couple of articles about Trustees:

the most recent update on the trustees by Robert Lemley (former chair)

here is the article "celebrating" Robert Lemley's contributions to the college

To learn more about the trustees go to

Also its just a great idea to search about them on the web. Check out their profiles on forbes etc.
Some, such as Neil Barsky, are hedge fund managers or CEOs. Some are authors.

Some of them are absolutely great, and love to talk about ideas, (although you really need to push for follow up)
Some of them are harder to talk to.

Look for the class trustees:
they are elected by the graduating class of each year, and they don't know everything about what the trustees are doing, but they are really kind and down to earth.
Ezra Spier

Assishana Osho

and Assiatau Diallo

Or go to the next trustee forum, held once a semester.