Residential Education

Res Ed enables the extension and enhancements of academic learning beyond the classroom through programming, efficient services, and safe/comfortable facilities.

What they do:
  • Prints and maintains ID cards for the Oberlin community
  • Manages the Obie Dollars program
  • Assists students in planning safe on-campus parties
  • Manages the Carpet Tiles program
  • Connects new students with Bed, Bath, and Beyond for its student shopping program
What they've done with Student initiative:
  • Composting¬†
  • Energy saving solutions: dorm energy monitors/automatic lights
See for:
Situations within housing. Do you want to find out if utility bills can be individualized, if you can create a pet friendly hall or floor in a dorm, or if you can create more space to hang clothing in the laundry rooms of dorms?

Director of Res Ed: Molly Tyson

Email her:
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