Why is there so little off campus housing?

Why we have so little off-campus housing, as told by Dean Gates:

- 12 years ago the Board of Trustees evaluated the numbers and noted that 1/3rd of the student population living off campus does not hold true to the fact that Oberlin is a residential college. 
- They enacted a policy to only allow 10(ish)% off students off-campus. Now we are currently at 12%. The Board of Trustees said, not only do we want 

more people to live on campus, we want them to have better places to live. 

- The B of T made a commitment to upgrade buildings and make new buildings. Since that time, weʼve built union street housing, weʼve bought village housing (so juniors and seniors can live kind of off campus). 

- The B of T was getting a lot of press from the community because there were lots of houses that were owned and operated by absentee landlords. There were many complaints to the city and the B of T heard that too and said, we have to look hard at this. 

There were also issues of safety. There were several fires in off campus houses because they were not well maintained.

so that's the story from Linda Gates. One problem is that some of the upper classmen, on campus housing is much to expensive for many students, and often off campus housing is chosen for accessibility reasons. Neither Tina or Linda really had an answer for that. A good project to take on is probably to fight for a more affordable upper classmen on-campus housing option.