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This is a flow chart that roughly shows one break-down of revenue and expense

Click on it for an enlarged version.
*Dollar Figures are in Thousands

*The majority of these figures are merely speculative due to the intangible nature of finances. These numbers are taken from a financial report put out by Ron Watts in 2010. They are merely intended to give a rough idea of money flow.
*Much of the money represented in the revenue categories is under the category referred to as "restricted"  which means it is not currently available for use.

Total Operating Revenues ($146,977,000)

Endowment Earnings ($37,015,000) 28%

We have included an entire section on the complexities of the Endowment, but basically this is the giant pool of money that the college has invested in various areas of the market. Each year, the subsequent earnings of these investments make up a huge portion of the Operating revenues. The value of the Endowment is currently estimated to be somewhere around $600 million.

Net Student Income ($89,670,000) 57%
+Room and Board ($24,581)
+Tuition and Fees ($114,067)
-Financial Aid ($48,978)
Thats right.. little known fact is that room and board goes into the same pool as tuition and fees. This partially explains why it is becoming so inexplicably pricey to eat in CDS.Do to college rating systems, the school wants to keep tuition down, which means the price of rm and board has to rise. This is also the reason there can't be more places in OSCA- the college loses the revenue it makes on rm and board.

Private Gifts and Grants ($10,549,000) 8%
Every year there are significant campaigns to get alumni to donate back to the school. The official name of this project is "The Capital Campaign" The school has been doing quite well at it recently.

Government Grants and Contributions ($2,697,000)  1%
For example, we got  of 1 million in stimulus money in 2010 to improve the sustainability of existing dorms for projects like replacing windows and energy audits...

Auxillary Services  ($3,754,000)  3%

We suspect this may have to do with businesses owned or partially owned by the college such as*Oberlin Inn the *apollo Theater and the Oberlin Bookstore

Other Sources ($3,292,000)  2%

Total Operating Expenses ($148,870,000)

"Academic support" ($19,692,000) 13%
Everything academic outside of the classroom
-Library-This means paying librarians, janitors, paying heating bills for library, and buying books. Spending on books and publications each year totals about 1.7 million  in itself.
-Computing Center- This means computer equipment and software around campus. internet, and licensing agreements have yearly costs. About 70 staff are employed in the Library and Computing together.
-Art Museum- Buying art, installing exhibitions, paying employees heating and lighting the building

"Institutional support'"($22,199,000) 16%
Everything associated with running the school that has nothing to do with academics.
Admissions and Financial Aid- Contains about 70 employees.

Research ($935,000)

Instruction ($70,856,000)
paying teachers!!!
heating and up keeping all the instruction buildings (ie rice, king, peters etc)

Auxiliary services, student and other  ($23,854,000)
This addresses keeping everyone eating and sleeping.

-Residence and Dining Halls
        This includes administration, building maintenance, OSCA, Campus Dining, and Residential
-Site-Rental Housing
-Professional Service Building (Where the printing, computing, and burning coal take place, among other important things)
-Club Sports
-Conference Services
-Bowling Lanes
-Oberlin Inn (a school-owned and operated business, called an "auxiliary service"*
-Bookstore (another "auxillary service"*

*a word about auxillary services


See above for explanation of each classification.


These Pie Charts are taken from the official Financial Report of 2009-2010

Salaries and Wages ($69.3 million)

Other Operations and Expense ($33.2 million)
-Food for CDS

Employee Benefits($23.8 million)

Depreciation ($15.9 million)
Things previously bought wear out and lose value. This is counted as part of the operations expense.
$1,905,000 in library books and supplies
$11,009,000 Educational and general properties
$3,406,000 Auxiliary properties

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