Mission Statement

     By attending Oberlin College, we the students anticipate a green, progressive, and socially conscious experience. 
Unfortunately there exists a conspicuous lack of student involvement in holding the college accountable to these product brandings. We believe that a general lack of transparency is at the root of these problems, and we aim to engage the student body by removing barriers of confusion and opacity.
   Effectively campaigning for social justice and protesting actions taken by the school requires a fairly broad understanding of the administration and finances of the College, networking with other students, and access to information resources. The website aims to empower us by providing the basic information on the College's operations. 

If the Oberlin College is to be a truly progressive and conscientious community, we the  students need to actively and thoroughly monitor the College's activities and constructively engage and critique them. The values that constitute the vital part of Oberlin's appeals can only be realized when the students choose to be citizens of the community, beyond being mere consumers of the branded educational products that the College offers. 

We intend for this website to act as a hub for information sharing, and we encourage you to contact us with any feedback, questions, or information you may have. 

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