Have a Good Meeting With an Administrator

How to Schedule a meeting with the Administration, and Make sure something Comes of it:

First, identify who you need to meet with.

Look on the side-bar under Administration Transparency.

Next: Set up a meeting

You will save mad time if you set up you right up to the secretary of you administrator-of-interest and set up a meeting with them. Secretaries have access to their calenders, and will schedule you in right then.

Coming to the meeting prepared:

Once you have a meeting, make sure you have done your research.
If you want to really kick ass, type up an agenda, and forward it before the meeting a day or two ahead. That way they can prepare for a productive meeting to, and have the information they will need to give you. Good things to include in your agenda:
-Why you are there (you need to make it clear why you are passionate about whatever your project is)
-Discussions (is there something you need more information on?)
-Proposals (what is your project? What is your vision for how it will take form? Include as many details as possible)

Type up proposals with facts, figures, and testimonials outlining a clearly what you want done. It's good to leave behind a written document so the person you are meeting with can think it over once you leave.

Dress up. This doesn’t mean wearing a tie neccessarily, but wearing a button down shirt and long pants changes the whole tone of the meeting.

Stay on topic. Don’t be afraid to take charge of the conversation, and make sure you talk about what you came to discuss.

Making sure your meeting is productive:
Make sure you talk about what the next step is. Make a list of things to accomplish by the end of the week and by the end of the month. Set up time-lines. If you need to have a follow-up meeting, schedule it before you leave.

Write a thank you email as soon as possible after the meeting. This can be as simple as “Dear so-and-so, thank you for talking the time to meet with me about such-and-such. I look forward to working with you in the future” You should also use the note to remind them of what you asked them to get done.