Get Involved in Campus Politics and Policy Making

Really committed to making the college the way you want it ?

Get into it.  Be critical. Fight.

Organize a sit in, motivate, activate, build strong forward community. You can work outside the system, but fight fight fight, and keep @ it.

Run for Student Senate:
Great spring board for activism, lots of resources, and you get payed. Downside? Becomes your life, and sometimes gets just too frustrating.

Little bit less commitment- but lets you make institutional change working through the system- and a student on a committee, you get the same vote as any faculty member on the commitee.
Learn about them:

Here is a list of Committees and available seats on them:

Join a Student Org. related to your issue:
Find your org and contact a few people on it, ask about the next meeting.

Joining a Student Senate Working Group:
SECS (Students for Energy Conservation and Sustainability:

Financial Transparency:
(your on our website RIGHT NOW. Wanna work on this website w/ us? Wanna fight 4 transparency?)

Work on ways to bridge the gap between the college and town... Have ideas for events or creating new spaces?

Interested in bringing the college and con closer? Think they could better share their resources?

Start a new organization:
In the unlikely case that nobody is already working on your issue- go to the student union
-located in Wilder- check out the hours:
talk to them- they will give you the paper work to make a charter. Although charters take 2oo light years to process (expect about 6 months), they allow you and your organization to... book rooms in Wilder, get money from the sfc, advertise w the student union, get and official.
be radical be multitudes