Bring a Speaker

Forum Board
An all-student committee that disperses funds specifically for speaker honorariums, the Forum Board is an supplemental source of funding to the SFC.
Tina Zwegat, Phone: 440 775-8167 Email:
Student members:
Alex Hohauser
Eli Clark-Davis
Patrick Doherty
Savitri Sedlacek
Elizabeth Parisi
Geneva Dampare
Jill Custodio
Gavin Palmer


A special fund for bringing great speakers. They allocate money once a semester.
Email the chair: Savitri Sedlacek, at
or... generally very responsive, and also on the committee: Isaac Yoder at


Departments (ie english department, african american studies depatment, or bio department all hav a certain amount of money to allocate. They may be willing to donate some to your speaker!
Here is the page of departments. The contact info is given on their page.

Yeah, co-ops are known to give money to bring speakers. Generally not a ton, but you can email them and ask if you can come to one of their meals and ask for money. Then the members will decide how much to give you based on who you bring, how much you ask for, and whether they still got fundzz.

Student Orgs
If there is a student org related to your speaker, it's worth trying them for money.
Look here for a list of student orgs and their chairs: