Our Philosophy

We've been at this for a very, very long time now, and we can assure you that we are the experts in all things math.  Because of our years of success in training young math operatives, it grieves us to see the current trends in modern education.  In our experience, children learn best from things that work with the way their brains are designed to learn at their developmental stage.  We have discovered that we are not the only ones who love patterns.  The human brain is designed to look for, recognize and make sense of patterns.  These patterns can then be translated into rules, rules that will serve the learner well time and time again.  Numbers, unlike some people we know, ALWAYS follow the rules, well, the rules that apply to our world, that is.  However, be forewarned, we are out to begin a revolution in the way math is currently being taught in the public school.  

Our belief is that the key to mathematics lies in leading children to spot patterns, patterns that they can use to help them make sense of our world.  We do this in an atmosphere that is mixed with imagination, play, storytelling and, as Three is constantly reminding us, repetition. . . in other words, drill, drill, drill.  We sing!  We dance!  We go on adventures!  We even recite!  What we don't do is try to teach young children ten different ways to solve an operation.  We focus on helping them master the most efficient way.  After all, when you are out on an operation, timing is often crucial to the success of the operation!

Our aim is two-fold . . . to help children develop speed with accuracy . . . in an environment that even promotes a little competition.  Kids love to compete, especially when they are competing against themselves to be the best they can possibly be.  We also encourage the use of mental math, as we have always said that math is to your mind what exercise is to your body.  While we can't prove it scientifically to you, we know from years of experience that it is true.

Please be patient with us.  We're still in the process of learning all this new-fangled technology.  But eventually we'll master those <p> tags, CSS elements, javascript, Adobe software (BTW, we love you, Adobe!  And thank you, lynda.com, for helping us understand how to use all this wonderful software!)

And, hopefully soon, our goals and guidelines will be outlined here in such a way that all children can succeed in this area that has left so many baffled and befuddled.  If you do feel this way, trust us, it's not your fault!  And we hope that even if you are grown, and have given up on yourself in the math department, you'll give us a second chance to one day become your favorite subject.

Sincerely from your friends,
the Numbers One through Ten