We, the numbers, are here to share our own special strategies and rules, stories and games, along with a bit of drill, (more accurately, lots of drills if Sgt. Three has anything to say about it), to help you learn the basics of our operations.  Mathematicians like to refer to these as basic facts.  We believe that they are essential to anyone who hopes to become a successful math operative one day.  

Here you will find gimmick-free basic fact sheets you can download to increase your skill as a potential recruit. (We're always on the hunt for new recruits!)  And by navigating to the "Our Videos" page, you can find links to all the videos we have produced thus far.

Teachers, you will find many strategies that can help your students learn their basic multiplication facts and have fun with it at the same time.  We numbers believe that fluency with the basic facts is as essential to a student's success in mathematics as reading fluency is to comprehension.  Our work sheets are absolutely free because we want to help, not burden your life and finances more than they already are.  We, the numbers, masters that we are in the world of economics, are fully aware of how much of your time and money you already spend on your students.  Besides, the way we see it, we're a team . . . we both want to see children become successful at what should be everybody's favorite subject!  (Now, now, that's not to say that Language Arts isn't wonderful and quite necessary as well.) 

Please be patient, as this is a work in progress.  Our services are in great demand, as we are always on call to help track down the secret identity of that slippery Agent X.  But whenever we have spare time, we will continue to create things to help you, be you parent, teacher or potential recruit.  Our goal is to see to it that math is not an unpleasant 4-letter word for you, but that after you complete your training with us, you will walk away saying, "Math rocks!"