Global Child Foreign Language

World Language Instruction for Children


Languages early, languages for life!

GLOBAL CHILD brings the joys of early foreign language learning to the Beverly Schools.

Classes for NEW & RETURNING students with ALL NEW MATERIALS!

¨       Songs, games, snacks

¨       Motion-filled activities

¨       Home practice CD

¨       Classes meet once a week for 50 minutes; starting in October. 


What are the advantages of learning a language with Global Child?

¨Research shows that children who learn a new language at a young age develop the pronunciation of native speakers.

¨Global Child makes learning fun!  We use music, games and age appropriate activities to reinforce the learning process.

¨Global Child teachers are effective.  We have been teaching children for over 20 years.  Our teachers are all native speakers. 

¨Children who study another language score higher on standardized tests such as the SAT.