Terms & Conditions





To ensure your safety and the security of the site, please take a moment to read this notice. These terms & conditions have been drawn up to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your stay. By entering this site you agree to our terms & conditions.

This is a private site and it’s a non residential site; there is no right of entry. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage as a result of using this site; You enter entirely at your own risk. We have a right to refuse any person entry onto the site. The management will not tolerate any abuse, or persons being a nuisance to other users on the site or anyone involved or suspected of unlawful activates or any person who brings the site into disrepute, or is a threat to the continued operation of this site by what ever means we perceive to be unacceptable at any time, violators may be asked to vacate the site and or reported to the police as we see necessary.


1)       When you camp or day visiting on the site you must pay the appropriate fee’s on arrival, Day visitors must pay at the pay point located under the canopy of the toilet block where full instructions are posted on how to pay. Campers must pay the site manager or site warden.

2)       The speed of vehicles entering, using and leaving the site must be restricted to 5 MPH

3)       We are a working farm and we have a lot of vehicle traffic, children must be supervised at all times on the site and accompanied by parent / guardian when using the shower / toilet facilities.

4)       All buildings are out of bounds except the shower / toilet block. Do not store items in any of the building. Gas bottles must not be left / stored in any building what so ever; take them home! 

5)       Vandalism, removing locks/bolts interfering with buildings doors / structure / site electrical systems will not be tolerated

6)        No smoking is permitted in or near any of the buildings.

7)       Open fires are not permitted. BBQ’s must be sited well away from farm buildings ,caravans , tents and especially any crop that is flammable particularly barley when its gone brown. When you use your BBQ have bucket of water handy.

8)       Do not walk over the crops or farmed areas and any fenced off areas.

9)       Do not attempt to cross, or damage, or interfere with RAF MILDENHALL’S Base perimeter fence, or any other farm fencing or barriers, temporary or permanent which may be in place.

10)   No ball games football, Frisbee’s, throwing, kicking objects around, this is to protect people’s property from damage.

11)   No Dogs permitted except guide dogs or domestic animals. Except campers only by special arrangement.


13)   Site hook-up’s are limited during peak periods, bank holiday periods, to 6 amps 1.38 kilowatts, to prevent the system from being overloaded, it will not support the use of a domestic kettle, use a low energy or travel type kettle. If the site electrical system does not meet your requirements do not hook-up and cause nuisance tripping. You must ensure your unit is electrically safe and ensure that all appliances are not defective. Any one causing the site to trip out will be disconnected until the fault has been cleared.

14)   The caravaning / camping are is strictly for camping guests and their vehicles. Visiting vehicles are limited to one vehicle per pitch at any one time. All other visitors must park in the viewing area.

15)   Please be considerate and limit the use of your vehicle on the camping are in wet conditions, this is to save the grass from being cut up and damaged. We may ask you to park on the gravel if the ground becomes saturated or we may close the area to all vehicle traffic if damage starts to occur.

16)   Noise must be kept to a minimum, to ensure the enjoyment of other site users as well as people who live or work nearby. All noise should in any case cease by 2300 hours.

17)   Please leave all site facilities clean and tidy after use, do not put baby wipes down the toilets it will block them. Please use the correct bin when disposing of your refuse. Do not dump chairs/ large items round the bins take them home or to the council tip.

18)   All caravans and tents must carry a fire extinguisher approved to B.S.I. and / to fire officers certificate standard.

19)   The law states that a minimum gap of 20 feet must be maintained between the nearest points of contact between any two pitches.

20)    All guests, with caravans or tents , are strongly advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment especially around the bank holiday periods. We are limited to the number of caravans and tents that we can accept at any one time. Subject to availability. The site gates will open from 0730 hrs weekdays, 0800 Saturday and Sunday and Bank holidays and will close at sunset. Campers requiring access outside these hours must make arrangements with the site manager.

21)   On arrival guests must book in and pay the appropriate fees, and you will be assigned a pitch number by the manager / warden, there are no automatic rights to certain pitches. Guests are responsible for storing or removing their caravan, any caravan moved by the manager /warden to or from the storage facility will be charged. A full tariff of fees is available for inspection from the manager.

22) Caravans may be left unoccupied for a few days at the discretion of the site manager at the normal pitch fee.

23)   The gate combination lock code must be kept secret at all time this is to protect the site and property, there is no automatic rights of entry to access the site what so ever.

24)   The camp shoppette operated by the Nook Campsite on behalf of West Row village store Beeches road West Row


If you have any comments or complaints regarding the site, please contact any member of the management team. All complaints will be treated seriously, investigated thoroughly and dealt with accordingly.




Site manager John Tillotson (mobile) 07881 816781 / 01638 711992

Tom & Jane Tuffs Tele 01638 714 905 Tom (mobile) 07765 092182



We hope you enjoy your visit or holiday here. There are a few things you need to be know of whilst on site, which is to the benefit of everyone:


1.     Please read the site terms & conditions for your safety and comfort they are posted on the notice board under the canopy of the toilet / shower block, on the website www.thenookcampsite.co.uk or a copy is available from John Tillotson.

2.     YOU are responsible for sorting and ensuring refuse is disposed of properly in the correct bins provided on the site.

3.     Do not put general rubbish in the blue bin, you must NOT put supermarket bags in the blue bin, you must sort your waste out in a proper manner, ONLY DRY clean cans, plastics and paper must go in the blue bin. The black bin is for general rubbish but NOT GLASS. The brown bin is for potato peelings, vegetable leaves etc.

4.     There is one bin each, available for clean glass and aluminum cans.

5.     DO NOT dump broken chairs by the bins take them to the tip or take them home.

6.     Gas bottles must not be left on site, take them home.

7.     Please do not use plastic ground sheets in your awning it will kill the grass, and ruin the pitch.

8. Please mop up after using the shower, and leave it clean and tidy for the next person.

9. The kitchen sink must be cleaned down after use, do not pour oil down the sink.

10.The microwave oven must be left clean after use.