Entartete Kunst Records



  • ASM

  • Baku

  • Bellchamber

  • C.B.A.K.

  • Cock E.S.P.

  • Consume

  • Der Eisenrost

  • Discombobulated Ventriloquist

  • Dog

  • Expose Your Eyes

  • Hijo Kaidan

  • Kathy Kennedy

  • Klitschpeil

  • La Place Cerise

  • Lesser

  • Listen

  • Andrea McCartney

  • Merzbow

  • Mucilage

  • The Nihilist Spasm Band

  • Papafile

  • P.o.M

  • Brian Ruryk

  • Shallow N.D.

  • Singularity

  • Space City USA

  • Subliminal Cop

  • The Super Cake Trio

  • Sureshot

  • Transient Random

  • Technoise


Compilation albums are merely scams to receive dozens of free DATapes for future projects." This is the title of one of the two tracks that Lesser have on this compilation. Both very good! Screw is not a musical tribute. It's a double CD (screwed together between two cartons with a hologram on top) that contains over 30 international noise and experimental artists of which about half is from Canada. This is a very divers compilation; some noise-music from Japan (Merzbow, Hijo Kaidan) , Europe (Expose Your Eyes) and USA (Cock.E.S.P.) Very noisy drum'n'bass-like stuff from Canada (Space City USA) and USA (Lesser), experimental guitar music, sort of industrial, improv (Nihilist Spasm Band) undsoundso... Bellchamber has 3 small tracks on this thing and I like them very much, some things I will play/use on my radio-show. Like ASM, Singularity and all the noise tracks. Sleeve quote: "Have you noticed that the second dimension is more exciting than the third? Does this mean that reality is dulled by the sublime nature of the unknown? Is existence mundane? NO! - Radboud Mens (from Vital Weekly