No Record

Alchemy Records



  1. Destroy the Nations

  2. When In London Sleep At The York Hotel

  3. The Byron Bog

  4. Dog Face Man

  5. Oh Brian Dibb

  6. Destroy The Nations Again


I have given the album a good few listens now and I just have to say it blows me away. Absolutely incredible. I listen to a lot of Sonic Youth, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, etc. and I must say I've rarely heard music of the Spasm Band's intensity. The instrumentation is fantastic--the 'prattavarius' stands out expecially. I'm a big fan of the crest and valley, ebb and flow approach. My favourite aspect is the wholly organic nature of the tracks--nothing forced--just pure improvised expression.

There is so much love and violence seething in every sound. "The Byron Bog" is the stand-out for me--it goes everywhere (no)music should go. On the whole, I'd say there is far too much art in this album to reduce it to mere rock, but I was far too rocked to just call it art. Primal fury and sonic exploration at its pinnacle. - Steve McCready