Every Monday Night

Alchemy Records




When The Nihilist Spasm Band recorded their previous studio album What About Me in 1992, they were still, after 25 years of existence, a local underground curiosity. Going in the studio on October 4, 1998, they had attained international cult status: all but one of their old records had been reissued, they had toured Japan in 1996, had played the high-profile Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in 1998, and were getting regular invitations from the United States. And yet, they chose to title the album with regard to their local activity, their 25-year old Monday night residency at the Forest City Gallery in London, Ontario. This is the same lineup featured on Live in Japan (with Murray Favro physically present this time). The music itself is typical Nihilist Spasm Band: Bill Exley shouting nihilistic poems and clanging his cooking pot while the other band members make noise. Short "songs" alternate with longer jams. The NSB shows bigger interest in textures than usual, something most obvious on "It's Not My Fault," where Art Pratten lays down some beautiful violin work. "I'm a Real Nice Fellow" is the quintessential NSB performance. It starts with a funny, no-nonsense poem going through every possible humanitarian cause. The noise slowly builds up, enough so that Exley needs to shout the last few lines in order to be heard. That's when hell breaks loose, beginning with a heavily-processed kazoo solo, followed by ten minutes of total mayhem. The closing number "Slow Dance" mirrors What About Me's "Dance/Slow," an ethereal space-noise improv. -- François Couture (from www.allmusic.com)