Retired Green Beret Releases Second Novel

    Steve Newman’s perspective as a Veteran brings truth and realism to his writing. He reveals the heart and spirit of our nation’s greatest warriors and shows them for who they really are; the young men and women who grew up next door and went on to become something extraordinary. Steve is a graduate of Columbia College and a published author. He currently resides in Oklahoma where he continues writing screenplays and novels about life as a soldier and helping others, especially veterans, achieve their creative dreams.

    Both of Steve's military fiction novels were inspired by real events.  In his first novel, Steve reveals the fictional evolution of a Special Forces soldier through the training and missions he participated in. The story takes the reader on an incredible journey into the jungles of South America and across the deserts of the Middle East through, "The Night Eagles Soared.”  

    In his second novel "Burnt Yellow and Red," Steve introduces the men shortly after the they hit the ground in Afghanistan and he takes the story through the battle for Kabul. Told from the perspective of the Air Force Tactical Air Controller the perspective is unique. At first he must earn the men's respect but in the end he becomes an honored member of the Special Forces Brotherhood due to his dedication to the team during a time of war.

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