The site was moved: @Private Home

We changed the account settings to allow us to keep some information private. We are attempting to have a home page that anyone can see, and then secure information that is not for public review by using google accounts.  If you do not have a google account, they are free. And, we recommend one that you use for work.  It can/should be something like mine:  (Set it up for XXxxxx.IH)

Did you know there is another reason for you to have a google account? We are setting up our annual competencies to require that you have one. Once you do, the form will record your name and create a record that you have finished your readings.

We say goodbye to our partners: Bill Adrian, Sue Arens, and Lynne Adrian-Roberts. We wish them great success for PGPA. For those team members staying with them, we are wishing great things for you, too.