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What's New? Really nothing.  The kit business is on hold while I raise kids and life gets in the way of living.

Our mission is two-fold. First, to provide kits of structures commonly seen in New England in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Our subjects will tend to be the mundane not the ornate. Subjects will be chosen to help the modeler prepare an "historically probable" setting for trains to wind their way through.  Second,  to provide kits for the Maine 2 foot modeler until now unavailable or only available in less accurate forms.  Whenever possible the subjects chosen will combine our two goals. Our kits of Maine 2 foot related structures will be based on the best available research and will portray the structures as they were when the railroads that served them were going concerns.

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The SR&RL Freight House at Strong-TNES003

The SR&RL Freight House is in stock.  The first run of of 50 was gone in 6 months.  This run was for only for 25 kits and there are only a few left  Don't miss out! Order now.   $49 plus $7 shipping (more overseas) per order.  Kits are in stock. Haven't sold one in three years! Get yours now as I'll never, never, never produce more.

Sorry, in case it's not obvious, the brass loco does not come with the kit.

Our first kit (below) is of a typical gable roofed barn that was used as an engine house on the Franklin and Megantic/Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad in Strong, Maine. It is designed for small HOn30 and HOn2 locos and could be used as a rail car shed in other gauges. It can also be used as a garage, barn, repair shop, machine shop, boat house, or for any other imagined use.  Add a lean-to office from Main Street Heritage Models at the side, paint in bright colors and it could be a car or truck dealership. All parts are laser cut and all window and trim pieces are self-adhesive so this kit can be quickly built into whatever your heart desires. 5 3/4" by 3 1/2".

Look here for pictures of this kit as built by friends.(Link broken)
I reissued this kit based on strong support on the lists, then sold 3! Only 25 were made. DON'T MISS OUT.
$49 plus $7 shipping in the US

See the review in the Winter 2002
 Maine 2 Foot Quarterly

An O scale version was produced by Portland Locomotive Works and may be reissued soon by Mt Blue.


The Engine House at Strong-TNES001


Sorry, in case it's not obvious, the brass loco does not come with the kit.   

Now not available, brass passenger car and caboose railings for HOn30 cars. These are the perfect upgrade part for Railway Recollections and Funaro & Camerlengo resin kits or for all your scratchbuilt and kitbash projects. $? (don't know, brass is out of site) per pair plus $3 shipping per order in the U.S. (Designed by John Spelce and sold in Kennebunk Models kits)
Simply cut off the casting sprue, drill and tap for your coupler screw, and mount with ACC or epoxy.

Currently no orders being taken. After 3 years I got just 15 orders. Now that John Spelce has passed, I need to sort out whether or not I have the ri
ght to produce more. 

The Hilton Store-North Whitefield Maine TNES002

Our second HO scale kit, two versions of which appear above,was  the Hilton Store that stood until spring 2006 at North Whitefield, Maine, along the right-of-way of the  Wiscasset, Waterville, and Farmington Railway. The kit represents the store as it existed while the railroad was in operation before an addition was added to the side. The kit could be built as plain as would have been the tradition in New England in the 1800s and into the 1920s or dolled up with dozens of signs to create a "roadside America" version much favored by today's model railroaders. 
  The kit came with 75+ signs, including representations of paper signs and posters, banners, porcelain signs, and billboards, plus decals for painted on signs and materials for an awning. It also came with castings from Bar Mills Models, and Bill's Train Shop . If you can find one you'll see that all major components were laser cut making this an easy build and the comprehensive instructions will guide you in making a personal masterpiece even if a novice modeler.
   The store can be built to fit any era from the 1820s to today.
It was only available in HO scale. O and S scale versions are in the works but may never be finished due to lack of interest. I may have the S version out for the 2015 NNGC
Dimensions in HO without the front porch are 2 3/4" by 4 1/4".

See the reviews in the April 2004 Railroad Model Craftsman, the September/October 2003 Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette and the Fall 2003 issue of The Maine 2 Foot Quarterly.
Check Ebay,  Even though it's super, super rare,they go for bargain prices when they appear.
For two foot purists in the know, the long, track-side warehouse that attached to the back of this building is coming someday, maybe.

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