The New Calculus is:

1. The first and only rigorous formulation of calculus in history.
2. Easy to learn and free of the infinity concept, ill-defined limits and non-existent infinitesimals.
3. ​​​​Based on well-defined concepts that exclude set theory and real analysis.
4. Simpler, elegant and more powerful, containing many new features not possible in the flawed mainstream formulation.
5. Based on sound analytic geometry, defining both the derivative and integral in a coherent way.
6. The future of new mathematics research.​
7. Available in three major languages: English, Chinese and German.

First contact with Newton's calculus:

The following link describes how I struggled to make sense of Newton's bogus calculus in my young mind.
It didn't take me longer than 15 seconds to realise that Cauchy's derivative definition is a kludge. I experienced the same distaste with Riemann's integral definition. Both are so badly flawed that I couldn't fix either without applying more patches, and thus make the entire formulation even more unseemly than it already is.

It dawned on me very quickly that I was using a calculus whose results were generally correct, but whose formulation was far from sound. The ideas of the New Calculus were born out of the frustration of trying to make sense of the rubbish that one finds in mainstream books on calculus and is taught at most educational organisations worldwide.