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5 Gallery~331

                                                                                331 WASHINGTON

                                                                 CHESTNUT, WALNUT TOP and TRAY, WALNUT PULL

                                                                                                   400.00 USD   SOLD
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When my in-laws moved from their ancestral home I found some bits of wood left from the original construction.  The house had all the trim made from American Chestnut, largely unavailable now due to a fungus blight that virtually wiped out this beautiful tree a century ago.  At least I had enough wood to make one box!  The small piece of Walnut is a mystery, my guess is someone had milled a log from one of the many Walnut trees that populated their lot.  At any rate it was a superb example and as you can see completes the box nicely.

Constructed with time honored dovetail joinery and a floating panel top for strength and durability through time, even the removable tray has reinforced miter joints with splines.  Finished with traditional shellac and hand rubbed wax.  

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