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4 Gallery~Miracle

MIRACLE BOX                 

                                                                Lined with black suede cloth
(approx. 8-1/2" W x 5" D x 2-3/4" H )

                                                                                                         350.00 USD   SOLD

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I constructed this box during a time of trials and tribulations, of prayers for Miracles and Miracles received.  I thought it appropriate to name it so as a way-point marker in my life, profound and transforming.  This beautiful box is the perfect place for those special items or perhaps storage  for your hopes, dreams or prayers knowing that Miracles happen all the time.  

Made from Yellow Birch from my wood lot.  I quartered the log to exhibit the clean straight grain, for superior stability and minimal wood movement through the years.  A very common Adirondack wood that shows wonderfully here.

The top panel is made from the exotic Lacewood, a stark contrast to the straight grain in the Yellow Birch.  The effort dealing with the very difficult grain in the Lacewood pays off once the polish is complete giving the beautiful depth and unique figure it displays.  Finally, to accent the panel a small trim and pull of Gabon Ebony has been added.

Quality constructed through out with dovetails on the box, the mark of fine woodwork for generations.  The top frame holding the panel of Lacewood has miters reinforced with tenons and secured to the box with fine Brusso cast brass hinges.  Made to be a lasting keepsake in your family. 

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